Meet Your Travel Influencer, Allison!

Growing up next to the only airport on the island of Trinidad, travel has been in my blood from as far back as I can remember. The funny thing is I never started traveling till I was in my late teens but once bitten you are hooked for life.

This world is incredible, captivating, astounding, phenomenal and a host of other words still won’t do it justice, the people, the food, the culture, the adventures, the music – travel makes every day a holiday.

This business is really about sharing my love of travel with people who want to see the world, those who have never traveled before, those who want to immerse themselves in a foreign land, the foodies, the travel junkies and anyone who enjoys seeing as much of the world as they possibly can.

I am an entrepreneur and most people around me are as well, one of the problems with entrepreneurs we very rarely slow down to enjoy life and our income always planning the next thing…never really taking the time to refill, when you Travel With a Trini, it’s that time to refill, to have fun, to laugh and
enjoy the life that you are living, we are not guaranteed tomorrow, so why not travel today!

My specialty is group tours, trips where you are able to meet, connect and get to know some amazing people on the journey as well as discovering a new destination. Social media has created a huge divide when you Travel With a Trini we aim to lessen this divide and create lasting relationships and friendships. Your best friends are those you would go to the beach with, why not come to the beach with us, we will love to have you.

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